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The Town of Cape Elizabeth offers feeds of frequently updated content on our website. Subscribing to one or more of our feeds alerts you to when a web page has been updated.

To make subscribing easy, we have registered our feeds with Google's Feedburner. Clicking on one of the subscribe icon symbols at right will take you to a page with a selection of various feed-delivery services (readers) to handle your subscription. Some of these services will display our feed in your home page such as My Yahoo or Google, some will send you e-mail updates, some will send messages to your mobile phone. The Town of Cape Elizabeth does not endorse any particular reader - customers are encouraged to try the service they feel most comfortable with.

Alternately, Feedburner gives you the option of subscribing to e-mail updates of our feeds. Feeds are checked daily and e-mails are sent between 5 and 7 p.m. Eastern time if there is new content.