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Budget 2010-2011


Cape Elizabeth voters on June 8 validated a $20.7 million school budget for 2010-2011, with 2,584 voting for the budget and 1,072 voting against.

Two advisory questions accompanying the validation question showed most of those who answered, 1772, believed the amount of spending was acceptable, followed closely by the 1,216 who said they thought the budget too high. Voters were more decisive on whether the school budget validation process should continue, with 2,680 saying Cape Elizabeth should hold school budget validation's for the next three years.

The school budget, up 3.4 percent from this year's $20 million school spending plan, carries with it a 34-cent increase to the $12.54 tax rate for school services, an increase of 2.4 percent.

The school budget was part of an overall $31.4 million general fund budget the council adopted May 25, which includes municipal, school, county and Community Services. The overall tax-rate increase included in the adopted budgets is 1.8 percent, up 31 cents over the current rate of $17.54. (Click here for budget summary)