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Municipal Operations Review Committee Subcommittees

Subcommittee Member Position Draft Report
General Government Dick Bauman Chair  Draft Report (03/25/10)
Bill DeSena  
Dave Sherman  
Michael McGovern, Town Manager Staff Liaison  
Public Safety Tim Thompson Chair  Draft Report (03/07/10)
Penny Jordan  
Bill DeSena  
Neil Williams, Police Chief Staff Liaison  
Public Works Mary Ann Lynch Chair  Draft Report (03/01/10)
Dick Bauman  
Penny Jordan  
Robert Malley, Public Works Director Staff Liaison  
Cultural/Community Services Jean Ginn Marvin Chair  Draft Report (03/01/10)
Mary Ann Lynch  
Mike Vaillancourt  
Jay Scherma, Library Director Staff Liaison  
Facilities/Other Mike Vaillancourt Chair  Draft Report (03/01/10)
Glenn Kersteen  
Jean Ginn Marvin  
Ernie MacVane, Facilities Manager Staff Liaison  
Revenues Dave Sherman Chair  Draft Report (03/01/10)
Glenn Kersteen  
Tim Thompson  
Matthew Sturgis, Assessor Staff Liaison  

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