The Silver Bullets

silver bullet recycling bin

The Silver Bullets are the repositories of most recyclable items here in Cape Elizabeth.

"Silver Bullet" recycling units can be found in the following locations:

  • behind Town Hall on Ocean House Rd
  • at the Recycling Center on Dennison Drive.

As of May 1, 2007, all recyclables can go into any part of any of the Silver Bullets. This includes paper, paperboard, glass, metal, and #1- #7 plastics. Please continue to separate corrugated cardboard and place it in the specially designated trailers at either Town Hall or the Recycling Center.

New open top recycling bins

The Recycling Center has a new open-top recycling bin (silver bullet) located passed the hopper and around the corner, next to the metal bins. The open-top containers are designed for easier access.

open top recycling bin

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Recycling Committee:
  • Kara Lavender Law
  • Jennifer H. MacDonald
  • Tracy Floyd
  • Matthew Faulkner
  • Aubrey Miller
  • Chelsea K. Torrey
  • Tim Trachimowicz
  • Email them all