Statement of Policy
Appointments to Standing Boards & Committees

Amended November 8, 2010

The Cape Elizabeth Town Council believes that citizens are best served through a high degree of citizen participation in their government. One important opportunity for participation is through appointments to Town boards and committees. Our standing boards and committees perform many vital functions in providing for the public health, safety and welfare. As these functions are so important, it is advisable to have citizens serving on boards who have varied expertise and who represent a broad cross section of our community. It is also advisable to have turnover on boards to ensure as extensive participation as is possible and to encourage new ideas and new approaches to come forward. These views are the basis for the following statement of policy:

  1. The Appointments Committee shall annually advertise all expiring terms on standing boards and committees. The advertising shall include notice in the Cape Courier, on the Town’s website and on the Town’s Cable Access Station.
  2. The Appointments Committee shall seek to meet with all prospective appointees in order to discuss special qualifications, expertise and interest of applicants.
  3. The Appointments Committee shall review attendance records to ensure that citizens seeking reappointment have been active members. Attendance records shall be maintained for each standing board and committee. Staff members shall be responsible to ensure the maintenance of attendance records. Issues relating to non-attendance of a board member shall be reported to the Town Manager by the staff member.
  4. A citizen may serve up to two full consecutive terms as a regular member of a standing board or committee, except the Trustees of the Riverside Cemetery, and members of the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals and the Conservation committee may serve up to three consecutive terms. Reappointment to that same board or committee may then occur only after a one-year period of non-service on that board or committee. Provided, however, despite the term limitations of this paragraph, for good cause shown the Town Council may appoint a board or committee member for an additional one year.
  5. Citizens may serve on only one standing board or committee at one time unless they represent a particular board in an ex-officio capacity.
  6. Chairmen of boards and committees shall not serve more than two consecutive one-year terms as Chairman. 
  7. The secretary of each board and committee shall be elected from among the membership. The Town provides paid secretarial assistance only for regular meetings of the Zoning and Planning Boards.
  8. Members of the Planning Board may not concurrently serve as members of the governing board of the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust.
  9. The Town Council, as the appointive authority, reserves the right to collectively and individually use whatever additional factors it deems appropriate in considering the appointment or reappointment of a citizen to a town board or committee.
  10. A schedule of board and committee meetings shall be provided to the Town Clerk. Immediately following each meeting, minutes shall be provided to the Town Clerk. Electronic transmittal of minutes is requested.
  11. Employees of the Town of Cape Elizabeth may not serve on standing boards and committees, except by ex-officio appointment. This limitation does not apply to individuals who are hired by the Town to serve as temporary election workers or wardens, occasional instructors in the Community Services programs, or volunteer fire, rescue, and fire-police personnel. Such individuals may serve on a board or committee unrelated to their work for the town.